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I'm in one of those periods where nothing is working out and nothing… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 9th, 2004|12:01 pm]
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

I'm in one of those periods where nothing is working out and nothing is going right.

Church isn't going well.

-I still don't have any activities planned for February yet with the Youth Group.
-I can't plan too many youth things until I get the Norway dates straightened out and (understandably) our relatives need to take time to figure out when they can put us up.
-The guy who runs Ottawa InnerCity Ministires is taking his sweet time calling me back. I've left 2 messages (7 days ago and 4 days ago)and he still hasn't called back about whether he can stay for lunch and talk to the youth group on the 22. I certainly hope he treats homeless people who leave messages on his answering machine better than he treats colleagues in ministry!
-the junior youth group isn't working out. I had one girl show up for the baking day.
-The lack of attendance on Sundays and at everything else we do is wearing me out. I'm tired of being a cheerleader for everyone else's apathy.
-The nursery schedule is in a mess.
-The nursery itself is a mess. Some group who uses our space broke the gate last week and vandalized the toddlers' train set. I think I know which group it was - so I get to visit them Tuesday and have a chat about responsible use of other people's stuff.

The SCA isn't going well

-The SCA days are still disorganized
-I still have one more box to get from Anne - Tyr (who lives 5 minutes away) can't go get it for me
-I have to track a box down from Chiara who is on an SCA-break.
-I hurt my lower back last week, dragging Gold key boxes around
-I don't know why I agreed to teach at Practicum. (Actually I do know - my pride was flattered by a laurel telling me she would love to hear what I've found out in terms of my costuming research.) So now, my pride will lead me to co-teach a course with her where she will discuss her primary source material including books she's read in German while I have cool web-links. The comparison will be obvious and everyone will know what an intellectual fraud I really am.
-I hate my costuming to date. I have finished my green plaid leine. However as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I should have altered the yoke length so that the shoulder seems sit on my shoulders instead of half-way between my shoulder and elbow. (I look like a bad example of What Not to Wear). My grey leine is equally bad.
-I have no idea why I used to be proud of my costuming endeavours. It seems like every time I fix something up, I notice 2 more flaws. Why don't these brilliant insights ever hit me when I'm in the planning stage instead of after I've poured 12-15 hours into a garment?
-I cut my hand trying to put the foot back on the sewing machine last night. Other people get bruises from fighting and fencing. Only I am so talentless to get costuming boo-boos.

My weight loss is not going well.

My government job has not gone well since 1998 - so we won't even mention that.

And (of course), we have no one to take Grace for the play on the 28th. This month I got organized and began to ask other moms about trading babysitting. Everyone it seems has their parents babysit for them. Therefore, they don't want to trade. Therefore, they aren't interested in taking Grace. GF, of course, never does anything about this. It is always my responsibility to make arrangements.

Right now, I just need one positive thing to turn this trend around. (Waking up tomorrow and being thin would be a good one.) But, I'd settle for some of this disorganization starting to clear up.

From: fairydarkfire
2004-02-09 05:03 pm (UTC)
*hugs* maybe you need a ladies night out to get away from all of it. :)
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