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Frustrations update - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Frustrations update [Feb. 13th, 2004|01:32 pm]
In my last message, I wrote about a lot of things that were not going right. Some people were concerned, so I thought I'd write an update. (I would have posted earlier but they took our internet access away at work for "security reasons" - although its back now.)

I fully admit that I don't like chaos and disorganization. I am an INFJ and an extreme J at that. When something isn't going right in my life (and let's face it, no one has a life that goes 100% well 100% of the time), I tend to retreat or find comfort in other areas of my life. When work isn't going well, I'll call a friend. When my romantic life isn't going well, I'll through myself more into ministry. I tend to reach my breaking point, not when something super-huge goes wrong, but when 10 million little things start going wrong in every area of my life. When ministry, work, social relationships, family hobbies, and my weight/health all go wrong at the same time and their is no safe area to retreat into, then I tend to fall into depression or over-eat or both.

I think Monday was a high-water mark on the stress meter. Since then:

-The guy who runs Ottawa InnerCity Ministries called me back and is staying for pizza with the Youth Group on the 22. (The 21st is still disorganized, but at least I have one activity organized this month.)

-I did find someone to replace the person who couldn't do nursery on Sunday

-I had a great chat with the group who uses the nursery on Tuesdays and I think things are going to be left neater from now on.

-The SCA days are getting organized. I have something lined up for the 29th and March 14th. Now I just have to write up a message for the webpage.

-Acorn-girl made me realized how much I have learned about costuming in the last few years. While I still am no where near Helen's level, realizing how far I've come from where I started from gives me more confidence about teaching at Practicum.

-Acorn-girl also told me how much she likes the costuming I've done to date - so I guess other people don't see the flaws in my work the way that I do.

-I am down 4 pounds since I started my diet on January 12. Four pounds is not the world's greatest weight loss, but it beats gaining 4 pounds.

Lots of things still uncertain and disorganized, but that is a part of life. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish this weekend and we'll see how it goes. I will be less stressed-out when Practicum is over. I suppose one good thing about doing something new is that you only have to do something for the first time once. Next time when I teach (and let's face it - knowing me, there will be a next time), I will have already taught 2 courses and will have that much more experience. I was like this the first time I taught Sunday school, the first time I argued a motion in court, the first time I sang in public, etc.