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Practicum [Feb. 24th, 2004|02:07 pm]
Practicum was awesome! It was my fifth Practicum and so far they have alternated between good, bad, good, bad, and now good again. (This is not to say that I totally hated Practicum in 2001 or 2003. I loved Irish Death Folklore in 2001 and Anne le gris's poetry course last year. It's more that on the whole all the courses I took were boring or that there were slim pickings or that it failed to live up to the experience of past Practicums.) I loved Cristabell's trim course and got inspiration for future garb making projects. I also had a great conversation with Cristabell about my cobalt blue leine. Someone who had taken my costuming course asked me what I was going to do with it (since I had used it as the What Not to Wear example of Irish costuming). Cristabell helped me focus by asking guiding questions to imagine how I could modify it so that I'd be happy with it – at least as camping garb.

The early costuming course went amazing! I originally brought in Siglinde and Angharad because I thought I would only have 20 minutes worth of things to say. I ended up speaking for 45 minutes! I won't say I did a flawless job because 30 minutes later I started thinking of al the extra things I could have or should have said. But, I did do an adequate to good job. And if I ever teach Irish costuming again, in a few years, I know I will do a better job. I think all the course attendees were pleased. Angharad and Siglinde both did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed listening to their parts. I may even have got more out of their parts than many of the attendees.

The chatelaining course also went well. I ran it as more of a discussion than a course. We had the chatelaine of Sudbury in attendance and two people from Petrea Thule. Several people raised good ideas and I wrote down at least 5 points for my own future reference. I had been excited about taking beading with Baron James, but when I found out that his veil pin course had no application to costuming beading, I didn't go. I hate veils and have no use for veil pins. James did offer to teach me beading sometime. Once I get a project lined up, I'll let him know. (I am envisioning a sleeveless leine - read bog dress - with knee to hem embellishment of cording and beading.)

I am sorry that I missed court. Acorn-girl (or rather The Honourable Lady Acorn-girl) finally got her OC. She started in 1991. So this would be like me getting my OC in 2012. I hope I am at that level before then – regardless of whether I get the award or not. Anne, Stephin, and Silginde all got AMH. All well deserved in my opinion.

Tyr got called into court. I wonder what for. ASB would be my guess; I don't think he's done enough to warrant a AO or AMH. Tyr was a no-show at Practicum, which was very strange. I had asked him a couple of times over the last few weeks if he was going and he kept saying yes. I tried to call him Saturday night, but he was out. I guess I can ask him tonight. Tyr has been going through a disenchantment phase with the SCA lately where he is not inspired to do anything kind of projects or go to any activities. He never goes to meetings anymore. He hasn't been to fight practice since the fall – there goes my chance of ever being fought for in Crown Tournament. He also hasn't been publishing the Chronicle either. So far no one has said anything either to him or to me. It is probably a testimony to how nice he is that so far everyone is cutting him slack and not just gossiping about what a lousy job he is doing.

One of the weirdest things that happened at Practicum was finding out that Julienne (who I've known for over 2 years) is dating Andrew F. There are just so many weird things about this. I haven't seen Andrew since about 1990. Even hearing his name now is strange. And he doesn't have any kids. When we were 19 and 20, I was in my "I never ever want to have kids" stage and he wanted to have 12 or 13 like his father had had. That today, I have Grace and he doesn't have any is very ironic. And then there is the whole Julienne-Andrew combination, which I just can't picture. I know that it's because the only context I know her in is seeing her in garb discussing something intellectual about life in the middle ages, and the only context I know him in is hanging out in bars and living rooms drinking and discussing getting laid. :) (Of course, he was 22 then and we all have the capacity to change and grow as we get older.) And then there is the horrible realization that I fooled around with her boyfriend. I'm not even sure if she knows about this or if Andrew just told her that we were friends. Yes, it was a lifetime ago and I'm a different person today, but I don't know if I'll ever look at Julienne the same way again.