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Yesterday, I went to Bayshore to get my passport photo taken and… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 24th, 2004|04:28 pm]
Yesterday, I went to Bayshore to get my passport photo taken and ended up doing some shopping while waiting for it to be developed. The Annex appears to have closed. I loved the clothes there, but sometimes even the mediums were too tight on me. Makes you wonder who wore the extra-smalls, other than their size 2 salesgirls. Perhaps there just weren't enough anorexic girls who wanted to pay $80-160 for a dress for it to stay in business.

Smart Set had temporarily moved to where the Christmas Store was. They were having a major sale. I bought a red plaid miniskirt, a cobalt blue miniskirt, and a burgundy top. Total bill, including tax, was $36.00. The skirts are very short. I had been complaining after Boxing Day about how all the skirts barely covered my butt. Apparently that is the trend. No store has them any longer, except the ones for older women that have miniskirts that fall below the knee. Despite my first reaction that no one wears skirts this short, outside of a Christina Aguilera video, I'm not left with a lot of options given that none of the skirts I currently own fit. So, I bought two of the longer miniskirts they had. They look respectable in the front and I can wear them with a longer sweater in the back so that I will be work-appropriate.

Today I went and applied for my passport. It took 90 minutes to make it through the line and I went early. 2CatDaddy would be proud of me - instead of just staring off into space for all this time, once I made it to the take a number part of the waiting room, I took out a scrap of paper and worked on a poem.