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Just some brief notes ... -Had a ball last night with Reinhart and… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 17th, 2004|12:32 pm]
Just some brief notes ...

-Had a ball last night with Reinhart and Emmaline. Reinhart listened to me talk about what I wanted in heraldry and drew the most awesome heraldry for me, all in 10 minutes. I've struggled with this for a year and he did it in 10 minutes.

-Emmaline showed me her scrapbook - it is gorgeous! She taught me a few tricks about how to improve the artistic level of my pages. Just looking at it raised the bar for me as to what I could be doing.

-I was the lucky first caller who will be getting Cristabell's bag of scraps. I should pick them up tonight. She has amazing taste in fabric, so there could be some finds in there.

-Today is Shamrock's birthday. I'm going to write her a note a mail her card today. So obviously it will be late - but I remembered.

-Heard from Athena and EZ via email. Athena and her family have all been very sick since early March. EZ is doing well and got 2 more guinea pigs.

-I might be going out with Fairy next Tuesday for a "girls night out" thing. Could be lots of fun.

-I'm off to my writer's meeting tonight, but should be home early enough to do a few Youth phone calls. I need to get re-inspired writing wise, since last week I skipped my writing time to play Mahjongg.

-I took a picture of my little angel this morning in my green leprechaun hat. (Leprechauns do wear blue sleepers, right?)

-And I finally had a moment of clarity, driving home last night, about why my life is so screwy. I spent 3 days a week working at the government. I should spent 2 days a week on Youth work. I had been trying to spend 2 days a week with my daughter. And I take one day a week to do something for me. (Usually Sunday SCA stuff) People who passed grade 3 math might start to see the problem: 3+2+2+1 = 8. Now no wonder there is always something not getting done ...

From: fairydarkfire
2004-03-18 08:49 pm (UTC)
I asked the group and we are meeting next Tuesday. I will post an entry tomorrow when I know what my schedule for next week is like. :)
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