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Revelations [Mar. 23rd, 2004|12:21 pm]
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my life and finally had some moments of clarity on the weekend and made some decisions.

1 - Dance

I am going to take a middle Eastern dance course on Tuesday nights. I want to do one at the Intermediate level, if not advanced. Zelia is teaching one at A.Y. Jackson from 8-9. It's Intermediate, but I took a course with her before and it's a challenging Intermediate level. Assuming I get in, it starts April 20 and goes to the end of May. This would be so exciting. Every time I go to the NAC, it re-stirs my desire to be a better dancer. (It also gives me a nice break from my Small Group or feeling guilty that I'm not going to my Small Group.

2 - SCA activities

My SCA interests are in order: 1-Bardic, 2-costuming & embroidery, 3-archery & dance.

I plan to continue with Bardic once a month. Acorn-girl is my best bardic buddy and I get a lot out of spending time with her even if no one else joins us that month. The idea of a monthly challenge is awesome and I've accomplished more writing wise doing that for a year than I have in previous 5 year chunks of my life. I also love that Acorn-girl and I are almost at the same level talent wise. I usually end up comparing (in my head, not out loud) what she brings for a challenge and what I do. I get inspired trying to "out-do" her and when I figure she's beaten me (which happens at about a 2-1 ratio), I get psyched about doing better next time. I also get inspired going to KWG for largely the same reasons. These people are terrific writers, but I feel like they are enough of peers that I think "I should do something like that" as opposed to "I'll never be that good". Bardic will be not conflicting with the writers' group starting in April and I'm looking forward to going to KWG more often.

I want to learn to do better costuming and embroidery. What I need to do is find opportunities to learn from people like Cristabell, Helen, or James. I have gone as far on my own as I really can and now need to hang around with experts to not only learn new skills, but also to have my perceptions of what is even possible bumped up to the next level. I'm not sure given people's limited time whether it would even be possible to arrange to meet with anyone at an A&S night, SCA day, or what ever in the next few months, but eventually an opportunity will present itself.

Archery is a minor interest and I could be happy with going out with Tyr 4-6 times per year. SCA dance is also a minor interest. I love dance, but there are so many types I like better that I'm going to put my limited time into taking Middle Eastern with Zelia rather than figure out how to go to practice more often. I wish we'd dance more at events, but they always schedule it after court so that people with small children or who need to get up in the morning can't stay.

What gets cut from my schedual is general A&S. I think I have reached the limit of what general A&S has to offer me. I don't do portable projects (like spinning) that I can do while chatting. Over my last year and half of regular A&S nights, I have done A&S maybe 30% of the time. (It reached a new low the week I brought my unopened mail to sort.) I don't regret my time at A&S nights. In 2002-2003, A&S was my one adult activity that I did to get out of the house after being alone all day with a baby. I got to know Dragon-boy and Dragon-girl. But given that the most excited I've been at A&S in a long time was scrapbooking, it really isn't a great use of limited time.

3 - Social Activities

I want to continue having a monthly games night.
I want to continue having a monthly toddler play time.
I would like to go to a scrapbooking event once a month. Emmaline has said she will start forwarding me invites to her scrapbooking nights/afternoons with her girlfriends.

4 - Corporate Spiritual Disciplines

I've been talking to Janet (still no LJ name) about getting a prayer group or something going at church. She and I and Wendy are really keen, but it's getting scheules to mesh. Maybe by Easter we'll have a breakthrough.