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Of life in the modern middle ages, envelope stuffing for the… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 26th, 2004|08:24 pm]
Of life in the modern middle ages, envelope stuffing for the homeless, and the quest for foyer furniture ...

What a weekend!


Went to Coronation after all on Saturday. Arrived around 1:00. I suppose I could have been there earlier, but my Little One wanted to cuddle up on the couch at 11:00 and after a week of not being able to get that close to her for fear of infecting her, I couldn't resist. She must have missed me too because we sat and snuggled for almost 25 minutes!! (She never sits still that long.) And I realized that nothing that was going on at Coronation or ever would go on at an SCA event was as important as being with my daughter.

When I did get to Coronation, I took off my shirt in the car and threw my leine on. I was paying site fee when fairydarkfire said KES was being elevated right now. So, I hustled to the back of court to watch, thinking that I would slip out and change when done. That's when Acorn-girl spotted me and told me to come and sit with her. So, I thought I could watch the rest of the Pelicanning and coronation.

Imagine my horror, when I was called into court after KES's elevation. (I thought this was not supposed to happen.) So, I went up, with my shoe laces on my mundane suede boots undone, with my purple "lougewear" pants with the blue stars visible, with my leine un-pinned and gaping so that I'm sure Cennedi saw my bra as I curtsied, and not a piece of authentic jewelry on me. Fortunately, I was so out of it with the cold, that I don't remember a thing about it - it is already a blur.

I had brought the envelopes to work on during the afternoon down time - but there wasn't any. Not sure what I did until feast - it's also a blur. Briefly helped buttongirl, talked with fairydarkfire, beable, Acorn-girl, Anne, 2CatDaddy, Tyr, Oderic, TSivia, KES, and numerous others, went to a baronial meeting, and bought some fabric. Feast was good. Evening court was nice, except that it started late and I was exhausted by the time I got home.


On February 22, the director of Ottawa Innercity Ministries came to our church to speak. He had lunch with the Youth Group and some how he mentioned that he does a monthly mailing which takes about 3 hours of his time. If someone else did this, it would free up about 3 more hours per month that he could minister to the homeless. Put in such concrete terms, this got the Youth Group fired up about stuffing his envelopes and they (not I) volunteered to do it in April during the 30 Hour Famine. Well, the Famine didn't happen this year, and with all of my disappointment about that, I totally forgot to contact Ken. He contacted me Wednesday night to find out how he could drop it off to me on Friday and I didn't have the heart to say no.

So, I lugged this stuff home on Friday worried that I was going to be up late Sunday doing it myself. (Ye of little faith!) I took half of it to Coronation, but there was no time. The great news is that we got it all done!! The Youth Group folded, stuffed, and sealed in their class on Sunday morning. (I even had two who never come to class show up just to help!) We had a parish lunch and we worked on it both before and after lunch. They even said that we should do it again in the fall, but have a movie night and do it while watching videos. What awesome kids!!

I went to the book club Sunday night even though I'd only read 2 Chapters. A number of people had called saying they weren't going to go, and I didn't have the heart to disappoint Hedwig. (This book was supposed to be discussed while I was in Oslo, but got postponed and I didn't want it dragging on for a third month.) It was short, but good. And I do intend to finish reading the book.


We went furniture shopping for our foyer today. Normal houses have coat closets when you first walk in the house. But, since ours is Victorian, no such luck. I have always wanted to buy an armoire (for out of season coats), a coat rack (for the one or two we are currently wearing plus visitors), and a bench to sit on to put on shoes. I have looked and looked. I had thought I found something at Ikea. (Ikea is always a last resort when real furniture stores don't have what you want.) However, the armoire I wanted was too deep.

So, we looked around some more, and I think I found the set I want. Problem - technically it's kids furniture from the kids section. (Which in my personal opinion is the best part of Ikea!) On Trading Spaces, they sometimes make creative use of furniture, so I guess I could use kids furniture in my hall. It's the only thing I've found so far that has the right dimensions.