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I just finished doing my taxes. I swear this is getting more… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 30th, 2004|03:00 pm]
I just finished doing my taxes. I swear this is getting more complicated every year. I couldn't use the forms they mailed me because I needed to file child care expenses. I tried Netfile, but you have to download onto 16 disks (we don't even use disks anymore) and I could only locate 14. I tried to figure out how to download directly to my computer, but it was impossible. So, finally I took Tyr's advice and telefiled. It took about 1.5 hours (including that it hung up on me 20 minutes into it because I hadn't done a schedule and couldn't calculate fast enough.) But it's done! And I should even be getting a refund!!

Didn't do any writing last night(Thursdays are my writing night)because I was busy with tax stuff. I will have to write on Sunday instead.

Went back to basics at church yesterday. I sometimes get these stupid ideas that because I'm being paid to work 20 hours a week, that all 20 of those hours should be spent doing something productive or tangible. So, I usually don't spend time in prayer - I mean I do on my own time, but I don't sit in my office and pray for all the teens and the things we are doing. I went back to some of the books I've acquired over the years and realized that I've been approaching this all wrong. Since we don't achieve anything except through the Holy Spirit, if I spent even 1 hour in prayer out of my hours, I would probably get more done and be doing more of the right things with the remaining 19 hours than I usually get done left to my own devices. Furthermore, if I spent another hour reading some of my books on leadership and growing as a leader, I bet I'd still do more with the other 18 hours. Lots to consider ...

I weighed myself today and was down 2 pounds!! The 3-week plateau is broken.