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Miscellaneous ... -I seem to have lost my cell phone. I had it… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 7th, 2004|10:49 am]
Miscellaneous ...

-I seem to have lost my cell phone. I had it Wednesday when I came to work and didn't have it Wed. at 6:30 when I went to call home from Bayshore. The only places I went all day with my purse were work and a wool shop on Bank Street. Neither have seen it. Dad bought it for me for my birthday (April 13) and is going to kill me. (I can see it now. "Dad, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that remember how you were always giving me heck for not having my cell phone with with, well I have started carrying it everywhere I go. The bad news ..."

-No developments on the job front. Every government job is written with impossible specificity. No one is ever looking for someone with policy writing skills or experience in analyzing legislation. They are looking for someone with experience writing policy on how GST ought to apply to cross-border hamster importation or experience in analyzing legislation that pertains to the deportation of left-handed west-coast bag-pipe technicians. It's now coming back to me why I got cynical about ever getting out of here and stopped looking for other jobs.

-Missed my writing evening last night due to watching the last episode of Friends.

-Got out of the shower this morning to find a stark naked baby and a seriously peed on crib. The early morning stripping routine appears to be back.

-Am seriously thinking about not having a party this May. It just seems like a bad time for everyone.

And, I had an amazing prayer time with Hedwig yesterday. I had read once in a book of youth worship suggestions to have your group write a psalm together. I never did it because I wasn't sure it would work, and the psalms are actually one of my least favourite books of the Bible. (150 poems - none of which rhyme. None of which rhymed in original Hebrew either.) So, I was skeptical, but decided to throw it out. I had a big piece of flip-chart paper and some magic markers.

Not only did Hedwig not tell me I was crazy, but it worked! I remembered reading that some of the sames are acrostic in the Hebrew alphabet, so we wrote A-Z down the paper and it gave us some structure. We filled in every line. Some lines used a couple of the letters in succession, so we wrote those lines in the same colour instead of changing colours for every letter. And in the end, I liked it and posted it in my office.

The weird thing was that we were giggling like school girls while doing this. Coming from a person who believes everything in life should start after 10 AM, what else but writing a praise psalm could have me giggling at 6:30 AM?

From: (Anonymous)
2004-05-08 06:28 am (UTC)

how GST ought to apply to cross-border hamster importation

But surely this is a topic that would be worthwhile reading up on?

The specificity of the job descriptions can be a problem. I've notice that if the job description asks for knowledge rather than experience, it's sometimes worthwhile developing that knowledge as needed. Often the amount of information you need for jobs in our agency is available on-line.

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