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I made some decisions yesterday. (Hey, I'm a J - we thrive when… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 12th, 2004|09:26 am]
I made some decisions yesterday. (Hey, I'm a J - we thrive when decisions are final.)


We are doing the party after all. The date will be SATURDAY, MAY 29. The theme will be "pajama party". (In my world, all parties are theme parties!)

Pajama party is easy to do, even for people who hate costume parties. Every adult, even ones who sleep naked, have a pair of pajamas, nightgown, or housecoat that they wear when they have house guests or are staying at someone else's. (And if they don't, they can fake it with track pants and a T-shirt. How do I know what any of my guests really sleep in.) And it's comfortable!! I stole the idea from some classmates who had one in 1995; it was the most comfortable I've ever been at a party.

GF and I made up a guest list yesterday. What helped convinced me this is a good idea is that GF is actually excited about it. Normally every party we've had has been my idea and he's reluctantly helped because he couldn't very well not be there. We came up with some pajama party themed food. (However, I will not make my guests surreptitiously pass around a liquor bottle so that everyone can have a sip - you have to draw the line somewhere.) :) buttongirl came up with the idea of having guests sit on the floor and that inspired me - the Youth room at church has a ton of pillows and bean bag chairs. I'm going to borrow them for the party.

Anyone reading this can automatically consider themselves invited. If you aren't going to Dandelion and are available and interested, please call or email me and I'll be happy to give you directions.


We were sitting in our living room yesterday discussing whether or not to have the party. Our living room looks terrible - we stripped the wallpaper off leaving bare, cracked, multi-hued plaster in 2000, before we realized that we had many other priorities in home renovations other than finishing the living room. I have had people over many times and on one hand, no one really cares how bad my living room looks. But, *I* hate it.

In the middle of discussing who to invite, GF turns to me and asks if I know how to buy cheap fabric. He starts talking about how it would be cool to drape something over the walls as an interim measure until we finish the living room. I explain that fabric is infinitely more expensive than paint, and then I have a great idea - why don't we paint the living room.

So, the plan is to go to Home Depot and look at mis-tinted paint. (Paint that has been mixed and that someone refused to buy because the colour was off what they wanted. Stores sell this paint for a lot less than what it normally costs.) Because this is not the final colour we will look at for 20 years, I am pretty flexible. We will not prime, we will not fix cracks in plaster, we will not faux finish. The goal is not to have a perfect room, but something that looks better than it is now. The plan is do the painting the Saturday of the long weekend. I'm very excited about this!

And because you can't have decisions in your life without some indecision creeping back in ...


Zelia gave me a compliment last night and made me reconsider a decision I had already made. Her end-of-term show is the Sunday of the long weekend and is $12. It's expensive and a bad time. I have to put in about 12-16 hours of work on the long weekend. If I paint, there is time I'm not working. If I go to Emmaline's scrap booking party on Monday, that is time I'm not working. I have to make choices. Partly because of the cost, partly because of the time, and partly because of the fact that I don't have a proper costume to wear, I figured I wouldn't go.

She was asking all the women in class if they were going. Four were and about 8-10 weren't. She specifically told me that I should go because "I remember the dance so well". Flattery does get you everywhere with me. So, now I am re-thinking my decision not to go just because my teacher singled me out to encourage me to go. Am I a nut?