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Here's to spines and motivation - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Here's to spines and motivation [May. 25th, 2004|04:39 pm]
Finally, after many years I am started to develop a backbone and my husband is starting to develop motivation.

I know I sometimes give GF no credit for the work he's done. (Mostly in the past, if he did anything, it was only after a lot of nagging from me.) But this weekend, he really busted it out. I was in awe

On Saturday we worked on the pre-school banner project. GF had designed sketches last fall, but it got put on hold while Dragon-boy and I (98% Dragon-boy) designed the banner stands to make the free standing project work. I sewed the panels last week and on Saturday, GF and I spent 4 hours painting. We only used water blue, sky blue, and moss/grass green so right now they look more like relief maps than pictures that would capture the imagination of a preschooler. But, I can see now where the castle, and the boats, and the fish, and all those colourful things are going to go.

GF also got started on the living room yesterday. The colour that I thought was peach is more carmel over our yellow plaster. Irregardless it is so much better than it was.

I am developing a backbone. Not only did I refuse to do that thankless statute reference guide assignment a few weeks ago, but today my acting supervisor came around with another colleague who is also a jerk, looking to hand off a "complicated file" to someone. I said he could give it to me but that I wouldn't be touching it for 3 weeks. His jaw dropped and I had to remind him of all the work he'd already given me. So, they trotted off to find another victim.

[User Picture]From: beable
2004-05-25 03:00 pm (UTC)

Yay, backbone!

1 out of 1 currently-online-and-commenting-at-this-very-second-in-time-systems-administrator approves mightily. This statistic is 99.7% accurate, 199 times out of 200.

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From: fairydarkfire
2004-05-26 03:55 am (UTC)
Good for you. *cheers*
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