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Dance [Jun. 4th, 2004|12:39 pm]
It was Jauhara's class party last night. I did my dance. I was nervous going into it. It was my second solo; my first was in 2001. (Interestingly with the same piece of music.) I only blanked out once - so I threw 8 beats of cameling in to buy a tiny bit of time until I remembered what was coming next. Jocelyn and Doris said I did well. Jocelyn said, she could see that I was counting in some places, but she said it was subtle and not many people would have picked up on it.

So, not bad for a dance that I hadn't touched in 3 years, and only worked on Monday and Tuesday nights, and then didn't have time to practice again before last night. Instead of feeling discouraged, I wish I had an opportunity to dance again next week because I'd do even better next time.

I desperately want to find a summer class. The past years have been inconsistent for me and dance (Jan-June 1998, then a huge break, Jan 2000-April 2002, then I gave birth, April-June 2003, then a break, April-June 2004). It's like I keep working myself back up to the level I used to be at by the end of an 8 week course, and then I drop it for a year.

If I can find a summer course, I can keep this momentum going. Jocelyn gave me some leads to pursue. I'm very constrained by evenings. Tuesdays or Fridays are my only free nights. Although, GF said that he and his guitar-buddy might be able to juggle their Monday night practice if Monday was the only day I could find a course at the level that I want.

And it goes without saying that I plan to hang out at the Middle Eastern tent a lot at Pennsic.