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I'm home today. I called in sick. I'm not really sick, but I did… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 8th, 2004|01:12 pm]
I'm home today. I called in sick. I'm not really sick, but I did turn my alarm off at 6:00 and promptly fell back asleep until 7:30. I knew that even if I skipped washing my hair, which really needed it, that I would get into work late and then have to stay late. I was already thinking of skipping small group tonight as I am behind on my hours at church and my house is too messy - even by my standards! So, I decided to take the day off.

I got some much needed sleep. I had a decent quiet time with God for a change. I was able to work out and have that shower. I spend 90 minutes cleaning up. And now I can put in 5 hours of work this afternoon and still be able to go to small group! (And I didn't have to go to my brain dead job, but still got paid for it.) What more could you want in a day!

The foyer clean up was interesting because I've been dropping things without putting them away for a week. Therefore it was an odd collection of sparkly bras, medieval jewelery, Sunday school materials, eclectic hats, new silver shoes, plaid linen, and tiny shoes and sandals.

It was another jam-packed weekend.

Friday night - Sunday school teachers and Nursery workers appreciation party

I thought that it would be a light evening of food drinks, and socializing. I made the mistake of asking a woman who had been to a children's ministry conference to briefly present what she learned. I had thought that it would be interesting and then that we would get back to chatting. However, after her talk, some people wanted to discuss our meta-strategy regarding children's ministry. Half the people were interested in forming a committee and half weren't. I feel badly for people who showed up expecting a light party. And the irony is that when we do hold Sunday School meetings, hardly anyone comes and no one ever wants to volunteer. I came home and told my husband that it was both the best meeting I've ever been to, and the worst party. Trust Anglicans to go to a party and have a meeting break out. :)

Saturday - Pikeman's Pleasure

Tyr and I went to Peterborough. It was a gorgeous day (as usual). I got to watch IKAC, which re-awakened my desire to do archery. I bought some plaid linen from Freya. They always do the cleverest feasts and this year was no exception. Tyr and I served feast for the first time. The irony is that I served buttongirl and at my first SCA feast in 1999, she was my server. I sat across from Evander at the servers' table. I had seen him before, but this was my first time meeting him and talking with him. The drive there and back was pleasant. I love traveling with Tyr. I wrote my children's talk in the car on the way there.

Children's Talk - the armour of God

Sunday was my turn to do the Children's talk. I had warned my minister that I was not focusing on the readings for the day. The armour of God is our VBS theme this year and I was trying to build some interest in it. So, I talked about that using Tyr's armour as a visual aid. I had a volunteer at each service and dressed them up in it. I've been told it was my best children's talk yet.

After church we had a great Youth Group planning meeting. I had to ply them with pizza, but we actually made some decisions.

Sunday night - Mitford

It was our last book club discussion for the year. We did "At Home in Mitford", which is one of my all time favourite books. Good discussion. Hedwig came up with a great point that hadn't occurred to me after reading 6 books in the series.

Three lapses of memory

Sunday was such a great day, but 3 times, I had a complete lapse of memory. At the 9:15 service I was concerned with the children's talk and after it was over. The minister stood up and said, "We will now have the first reading" and no one moved and 15 seconds later he continued "as read by VV". I completely forgot, yet it was on my calendar and I remembered on Friday that I had to do it.

Secondly I ordered the pizzas at 11:00 to be delivered at 12:30. At 12:15, I asked someone what time it was and thought "OK, I have 15 minutes until the pizzas come." Then I got talking with someone and suddenly realized that there was probably a pizza guy standing by the door wondering where I was."

Third thing - I made an announcement at both services reminding people that the bookclub discussion was at 7 PM and not 7:30. Yet, there I am at my house at 7:30 with my daughter on my lap, when the phone rings and it's Hedwig asking me where I am. I didn't forget the time change - I just completely forgot about going.

The moral of the story is either that I'm going crazy or that I should realize that whenever I'm thinking "isn't this nice, I have 5 minutes to myself - I should be doing something."

Monday morning - the park

We took our daughter to the park for the first time ever! She loved the swing and she loved the slide. I on the other hand managed to get dizzy and nauseated from being on a swing for 5 minutes. Curse you,motion sickness.

Monday afternoon

I won a Mary Kay makeover and $20 worth of stuff at Zelia's recital. It was done by Zelia's aunt. She came over and it was my best makeover ever. I was open to new ideas, but was firm in what I wanted. (E.g. I wear black, cobalt, and burgundy - do not put me in earth tones even though my hair is red, because I won't wear them.) In the end, I got some great new eye shadows and some tips on to put on eyeliner more subtly for day. (I told her not to bother telling me not to wear black eyeliner. Even if I don't put on foundation or lipstick, I always put on black eyeliner.)

Dad bought me a new phone to replace the one that went missing almost a month ago. And while I was at Bayshore, I found silver shoes on sale for $30. Now that pointy toes are finally back, I've bought 4 pairs of shoes/boots since Xmas.