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Writers Group [Jun. 10th, 2004|09:35 pm]
Last night I chaired the meeting for the first time. I led them in a round table discussion of when they knew they wanted to be a writer, how their conception of writing changed over the years, and what advice they would give to a young writer.

I has an email exchange with 2CatDaddy a week or so ago. He was telling me about how he sometimes gets his best ideas while driving. I was telling him about how I used to use my mini tape-recorder to record ideas I had. Then it struck me - I hadn't used it since the late 90's. So I dug it up and put new batteries in it.

Fortunate thing. Last night, as I was trying to make notes for the meeting, I had an idea for a short (5-10 minute play). I am not a fast writer or typist and I find it frustrating when ideas are coming and I can't write them down fast enough. So I dictate all my ideas and lines for this scene into the tape-recorder and now I'll type them out tonight and have the skeleton for a piece of writing.