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First Entry [Jul. 20th, 2003|09:50 pm]
So, this is my first live journal entry. Maybe I should start by explaining the name. Having been active in the world of computer bulletin boards (BBS) before the world of the Internet, I have used so many pseudonyms that I didn’t know what to choose. As well, I’ve given some of my favourite names to children, pets, and characters in my writing, that now I wouldn’t feel right using them. Then, I remembered "Goddesses in Everywoman" by Jean Bolen.

If I were to make up a list of the top 10 books that have had an impact on my life, it would be one of them. It’s a psychology book that borrows heavily from Jungian psychology. She takes ancient Greek mythology and makes the point that these myths which made flawed gods in goddesses in human images tell us more about psychology (the study of how people think and act) than they tell us about theology. She describes 7 female archetypes - she tells the story of these 7 goddesses and then explains what a woman of that type was like as a child, a teen, in the workplace, with her female friends, and how she views marriage and children.

(I know I’ve probably made the book sound boring, but it is a fairly easy, interesting read.)

Because life is never simple and we are not clones of each other, people are a combination of these 7 types. My primary type is Hestia and my secondary type is Aphrodite. Hestia-Aphrodite had too many characters, so I went Roman - Vesta-Venus. Easy enough.

It's Sunday evening and I am trying to get some writing done. I'm trying to stick to a new schedule where one out of every 3 days is a writing day or evening. In a perfect world, I'd have a way more time than that for my craft, but between two jobs and an 11-month old daughter, 10 good writing days a month is better than nothing.