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Yesterday was a fairly productive day. First, since I found myself… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 14th, 2004|01:29 pm]
Yesterday was a fairly productive day.

First, since I found myself in the unique position of having finished all my work at the government, I took part of the day (before getting new files) to read some of that email with attachments that I never have time to read, to sort out my inbox and to put away one of the boxes I never got opened when I came back from maternity leave.

Yesterday was the first aerobics class. Not only did I survive the class, but I found it made a difference even in my attitudes. I was hungry yesterday afternoon and thought of buying something, but held back thinking "what's the point of working out 4 times a week if you're still going to eat junk food?" Same at my small group in the evening. Those brownies looked tempting - but I resisted.

I went to the CBR meeting. (CBR = Canons, bylaws, and regulations - the rules by which the church is governed.) I know it sounds boring to everyone I know, but I love being on the committee even though I don't contribute a lot. It only meets about 5 times a year, so it isn't an onerous time commitment. And when I'm there, discussing drafting new canons or by-laws, it is the only time when I feel like I'm using my seven years of university.

At the small group, we studied the Ephesians passage on the armor of God. Though I've taught this passage at Youth Alpha, I'm not sure I contributed anything useful last night. I was getting to Tyr's place early, so I brought along something to do. I'm making a green plaid leine. I always find pleating boring and time consuming work. (Usually I put on the TV to have some background noise.) I started before everyone else got there, but I continued while we were having our discussion. So I know have the font section pleated and saved myself about a hour of work. Cool, because if I hadn't have been at the group, I would have been at A&S - so I managed to multitask and do both. :)