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Weight loss plan is still on-going. I'm having diet bars and shakes… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 16th, 2004|12:08 pm]
Weight loss plan is still on-going. I'm having diet bars and shakes for two meals a day, one normal meal, and no snacks (or at least healthy snacks - I doubt North America is having an obesity crisis because too many people are snacking or bananas or apples between meals.) I made it through Boxaerobics on Wednesday and I was back at Pilates today. I love Pilates and tolerate aerobics. I'm going to have to work out once on the weekends to keep up the pace. With any luck I might start seeing some mini results in a couple of weeks.

I decided earlier this week that I am not going to Montreal this Saturday. I had been planning on going to visit a friend. His dad went blind in the fall of 2002 and his mom had a stroke in the fall of 2003. So, now he has to set out their meals and other things they might need during the day before he goes to work. (She can only use her right hand and he shouldn't be doing any cooking at all.) We talked after Christmas and he sounds like a stressed out caregiver. I actually could relate to a lo of what he was saying through my experiences of motherhood. The big difference is that my daughter is going to get more independent over the years while his parents are going to get more dependant. I mentioned that we would come to Montreal to see him, help him around the house, and take him out for dinner. In my head, I had picked the 17th to go, but I hadn't called him back with a specific date which is why I feel less bad about canceling.

So what am I doing with my weekend instead of visiting a friend in need? Well, I have to go shopping for furniture. I know it sounds amazingly shallow, but with the parties on the 31st, we do have to get the house in some semblance of order. I'm not talking about Martha Stewart levels of home-making either. Getting the boxes off the couch so that people can sit down might be a nice touch. Now that the dining room floors are done and the baseboards are (almost) on, the next step is buying a dining room china cabinet so that I can unload the boxes from the living room. So, I must spend tomorrow going from store to store looking at china cabinets. (I still feel guilty though ...)