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The quest to find a dining room china cabinet was successful. I… - Vesta-Venus — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 21st, 2004|12:16 pm]
The quest to find a dining room china cabinet was successful. I found one I love at Rooms in Kanata. The only hitch (isn't there always a hitch) is that it had to be ordered and will take 8-12 weeks to arrive. So it will not be here for the parties. However, given that I haven't had a dining room for 2 years, waiting another 8 weeks will not kill me.

The party invites are out. Ironically, the kids party is coming together more than the adult one. I have had 3 families confirm already. Including Athena!! She hasn't been over to me place in a long time. We had a great chat yesterday on the phone. We've kept missing each other a lot of the fall whenever we've called. So, this will be really exciting.

We sent 37 invitations to the adult party. When you sent invitations by email, what ends up happening is that the people who can't go email you back right away, while the ones who are planning on coming or are mostly sure they are coming don't say anything until closer to the date. So right now the only people I know for sure who are coming are my parents and probably Dragon-boy and Dragon-girl.

And if having 2 parties was not enough, the Youth Group decided that the 31st was the best time for them to have their annual after-exams big outing. So, I'm going out that evening as well. It will be a long day, but I think it might actually be worse to go with them the night before in the middle of my housecleaning frenzy.

One complication with the party is that I have 3 friends who live downtown with no car (Shamrock, Hunter, and EZ). I debated about whether to invite them and finally decided to even though I knew transportation would be an issue. I decided that it was better to invite them and have them turn me down than have them find out I had a party and didn't invite them. Shamrock called yesterday to tell me she was a) probably working and b) had no way to get there. I made the mistake of suggesting she get a ride with someone and she misunderstood and told me that she didn't know "anyone in my circle". (Query - do I have a circle if my closest friends for the most part don't know each other?). I couldn't seem to make her understand that I meant to invite a friend of hers - not mine - who owned a car. Is this a hard concept to grasp? Now I'm dreading having the same conversation with Hunter and EZ. Why does trying to do something good, like have a party result in so much conflict?

On the positive side Dragon-boy was very helpful in helping me figure out how to make my plans for the preschool space a church a reality. See it is useful to have friends who are engineers after all. :)