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New week and new chance to fix what went wrong last week. My… - Vesta-Venus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 27th, 2004|10:23 am]
New week and new chance to fix what went wrong last week. My devotional life is more or less back on track. Yesterday, I was able to pray, write in my thanksgiving journal, and read another chapter in a book I'm working my way through. This morning, I managed to pray and I listened to praise songs all the way into work. I am not fitting in my desired 30 minutes because I am not getting up when my alarm goes off I should be going to bed earlier - but there always seems so much to do at night. It's ironic that what is most holding me back in terms of spiritual growth is going to bed on time the night before.

The babysitter worked well on Saturday night. Although I can't afford to do this 8 times a year. Maybe I can trade babysitting for February 28th - possible with someone who wants to go out February 14th.

I have been sticking to my New Year's resolution to write every week. The good news is that I finally finished Part A of that writing assignment that was originally due Labour Day Weekend! (OF course the bad news is that it was Part A - there is also a Part B). I sent it to 2CatDaddy who made a couple of good suggestions and came up with a concluding sentence. (It was a description, so a concluding sentence wasn't obvious.)

Speaking of writing ...

I always try to encourage young people in their creative ventures, whether it's art, writing, music, etc. (I try to encourage adults too, but since I work with young people it just seems to happen more often. Plus I like to encourage them before the boring adult world tells them that art is a waste of time distracting them from things that would help their career.) I had forgotten that a few weeks ago, I told this one girl (in grade 5) that I would love to read her writing if she'd let me. Well she approached me Sunday night and asked if we could start getting together and write. She even offered to pay me !! :) So, we talked schedule and I told her that I stay home Thursday nights since GF is at band practice. So, I may start having a writing buddy on Thursday nights.

Yesterday, I worked my butt off around the house. GF and I started cleaning out the living room. Now - 90% of the stuff is his, but I still pitched in and helped drag stuff around. We threw out 2 green garbage bags worth of trash. The dining room table is now cleared off. (However, the dining room needs to be cleaned out of power tools, wood scraps and dust before it can be moved to the dining room.) I'd say we got about 1/2 of the junk in the living room out. Of course the bad part is that we have 4 days to do the other 1/2. GF has put up all the moldings in the dining room. Most were pre-primed, but he'll have to prime the rest. I'm not going home after work today, so I hope to be surprised when I get home tonight.

Last night, I fixed my hair. If I can't have a cool cut, then at least I can have a cool colour. I did an auburn permanent base and streaked it with Manic Panic. I used a professional streaking cap and hook for the first time. Man- it felt like I was ripping my hair out by the roots. However, the ones I did with the cap are the correct size. The ones I took a clump of hair and did without the cap are too big. (Wet hair always looks smaller the it will be when blow dried or something.) I'm not sure the pillarbox red streaks are that dramatic, but the vampire red streaks are. I think it's sexy - or at least as close to sexy as an overweight, middle aged woman can get. :)