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13 April
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I am a mother, youth minister, and writer.

Passionate and creative, I am an INFJ who believes that our relationships with people are our most important posessions.

I once heard someone say that we are all a tension between two competing things. (e.g. the need for stability vs. the need for adventure, a knack for comedy vs. a need to be taken seriously.) I am a enigmatic blend of the spiritual and the shallow.

I am a long-time journal-keeper, exploring the new adventure of keeping a journal to be read and interacted with by other.

In the alternate world of the Society for Creative Anachronism, I am a 6th century Irish bard in training.

My journal has evolved into being almost all friends-only messages because I find it easier to be my own authentic self that way. I think it defeats the purpose of journaling to be self-censoring.

If you need to contact me, my contact information is available here: http://vesta-venus.livejournal.com/141413.html#cutid1

If you are confused about who I am refering to in my journal, a description of the cast of characters in my life is available here: http://vesta-venus.livejournal.com/141797.html#cutid1

My list of Frequently Asked Questions is available here: http://vesta-venus.livejournal.com/218928.html#cutid1

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Date Created:2003-07-17
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Vesta_venus is a full-time mother and part-time youth minister. Her name comes from "Goddesses in Every Woman" by Jean Shinoda Bolen. She is primarily a "Hestia" type - introverted, solitary, and dedicated to making her house a home and secondarily an "Afrodite" type - passionate, creative, and all about relationships with others. There's also a little bit of Artemis and Persephone thrown in.
Strengths: Loyalty, creativity, and determination.
Weaknesses: Frightened of bees/wasps. Needs to work on patience. Finds Elmo's voice as grating as nails on a chalkboard.
Special Skills: Knows the names of all of the characters on Clifford, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, and Thomas the Train. Can watch the same video every day without going insane. Can wake up when hearing a tent unzip or a teenager leaving a bedroom. Ability to memorize all the words to the Wheels on the Bus, the latest pop song of the day, and the audience participation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hopefully the ability to show God's love to children and teens.
Weapons: Wit and the determination to outlast.
Partner's in Crime: Mr. Messy, Hedwig, The Drama Lady, my Small Group, Athena, Acorn-girl, Fairy, Hunter, Shamrock, EZ, Clinton, Ginny, 2CatDaddy, the people on my friends list

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